Why I think RBL should be done with the MTA ratherthan Mailscanner

Francois Caen FCaen at CI.LAKEWOOD.WA.US
Tue Jun 25 17:56:04 IST 2002

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From: S.R.Patterson at SOTON.AC.UK 

> Can anybody see any advantages to using the RBL lists on Mailscanner 
> instead of on the MTA directly?  I'd like to hear the flip side of the 
> debate! 

You're mostly right about the benefits of RBL'ing in the MTA, especially as far as saving resources is concerned. But each level (MTA, MS, SA) has it's pros and cons.

Did you read the FAQ item I wrote about the question:

RBL'ing in MS or SA, although more resource-intensive, gives you definitely more options (delete or tag, score tweaking,...)

In the end it depends on what your (your users') needs are, what resources and email volume you have, and how strict you want to be :-)

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