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Matt Doherty Matthew_doherty at DATAWATCH.COM
Mon Jun 24 20:39:08 IST 2002

No, not me. I never tried to create a module.. I am just a user of webmin
that has given lots of feedback over the past year for some tweaks and ideas
that the author has takin in consideration.. Webmin will soon have an update
with mailscanner in mind..
\Thats what the author of webmin responded to me.
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  From: Randy Fishel [mailto:randyf at SIBERNET.COM]
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  Does this mean that you have actually created a webmin module that will
  be included in the next release?

  The reason I ask is that a while back I started a cut at a module, but
  lacking the time did not complete it. If this is actually a request for a
  webmin module, it might make some sense to pick it up again.


  On Mon, 24 Jun 2002, Matt Doherty wrote:

  > Yes I emailed Jamie (the author of Webmin) of this. He will include it
  > his next update. Also a facility addon, in the syslogs for mailscanner..
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  > From: Brandon Friedman [mailto:brandonf at BFCONSULT.CO.ZA]
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  > Subject: Webmin Module
  > I am also looking for a webmin module for mailscanner?
  > Has anybody attempted this?
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