Webmin Module

Randy Fishel randyf at SIBERNET.COM
Mon Jun 24 20:28:37 IST 2002

  Does this mean that you have actually created a webmin module that will
be included in the next release?

  The reason I ask is that a while back I started a cut at a module, but
lacking the time did not complete it.  If this is actually a request for a
webmin module, it might make some sense to pick it up again.


On Mon, 24 Jun 2002, Matt Doherty wrote:

> Yes I emailed Jamie (the author of Webmin) of this. He will include it in
> his next update. Also a facility addon, in the syslogs for mailscanner.. =)
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>   Subject: Webmin Module
>   I am also looking for a webmin module for mailscanner?
>   Has anybody attempted this?
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