Return Path, rpm start/stop script & McAfee update script

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Jun 24 18:19:19 IST 2002

At 17:47 24/06/2002, you wrote:
>I recently updated my mailscanner to 3.20-7 release, and noticed the
>return-path: header "error" I saw some mail previously in regards to this
>issue. I assumed this fix was incorporated in 3.20-7 is this correct or
>should i install the patch that was posted long ago anyway? (I'll have to
>look it up)

It was incorporated into the code quite a while ago.

>Secondly the mcafee update script, as mentioned earlier, going with the
>default uvscan directory I can understand, but the removal of the option
>to have the dat seperatly i can't understand. Secondly the syslog loggin
>was removed also.
>For now I put back the syslog logging, I didn't have time to make the
>location of the dat file configurable just yet. As soon as I have that
>included without breaking anything, would it be possible to include this
>in the archive?

I only want to include 1 script. I changed it to use the same locations as
the default Mcafee installation, as that'w what most prople wanted. Sorry
about that.

>And finally, the rpm start/stop rc.d script. As mentioned on the webpage
>for contrib and additional scripts this should all be included, as far as
>i could find this isn't included in the MailScanner-3.20-7.tar.gz. Due to
>the special config changes (msg in a seperate directory for one) i made i
>don't want to install the rpm.. But I love the rc.d script. Is it just me
>not looking in the right places or is it really only distributed in the

The init.d script is only included in the rpm as it is extremely
OS-specific, and would be almost useless on most systems that aren't redhat
linux. If you want a copy of it without having to extract it manually from
the rpm, drop me a line and I'll mail it to you.
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