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At 15:47 24/06/2002, you wrote:
>Wouldn't it have to be updated with every Mailscanner feature change since
>I assume it would be modifying the conf files.

Part of the rules for Webmin modules state that they must ignore
configuration statements they don't understand. So even if the Webmin
module got a bit behind MailScanner, you could still do *most* of the
config with Webmin.
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>From: Matt Doherty [mailto:Matthew_doherty at DATAWATCH.COM]
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>Yes I emailed Jamie (the author of Webmin) of this. He will include it in
>his next update. Also a facility addon, in the syslogs for mailscanner.. =)
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>From: Brandon Friedman [mailto:brandonf at BFCONSULT.CO.ZA]
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>Subject: Webmin Module
>I am also looking for a webmin module for mailscanner?
>Has anybody attempted this?
>Brandon Friedman
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>E-mail: brandonf at bfconsult.co.za

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