Recommended version of razor?

Rose, Bobby brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU
Sat Jun 22 20:18:54 IST 2002

Doesn't matter.  I found out yesterday that SA 2.31 still only uses
razorv1.  The changelog was incorrect.  That explained why the
performance with razor enabled was poor forcing me to disable it again.
Having razor enabled for SA adds 2-3 seconds for every message processed
so it causes mail to start backing up in I'm hoping razorv2
will be better since they are planning on selling the server component
so performance has to be better.

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From: Gerry Doris [mailto:gerry at] 
Sent: Saturday, June 22, 2002 12:20 PM
Subject: Recommended version of razor?

I've been doing updates this morning and was wondering what is the
recommended version of razor to be running with the new spamassassin
2.31?  I noticed that there has been a LOT of changes released in June
for razor. I'm still back on razor 1.19.

The last time I happily put all the lastest updates together
spamassassin stopped working with razor!

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