ANNOUNCE: Version 3.20-5 released

Julian Field jkf at
Wed Jun 19 10:07:16 IST 2002

I have just released Version 3.20-5.

I have added an autoupdate script for F-Prot. This is based on the script provided with F-Prot, but does the proper file
locking to ensure that MailScanner cannot try to use F-Prot while it is
being updated, which is important.

I have fixed the rare problem of a message receiving an empty SpamAssassin
I have fixed the problem of "Accept Spam From =" on its own in
mailscanner.conf causing all mail to be whitelisted.

I have improved the RPM so configuration files should be handled better.

Downloadable, as usual, from

Julian Field                Teaching Systems Manager
jkf at         Dept. of Electronics & Computer Science
Tel. 023 8059 2817          University of Southampton
                             Southampton SO17 1BJ

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