Strange Message

Francois Caen FCaen at CI.LAKEWOOD.WA.US
Tue Jun 18 17:20:39 IST 2002

Could be wrong, but it looks like something is already listening on sendmail's port.
<assume linux>
Could it be that default sendmail is already running, hence binding to port 25? Did you disable sendmail's startup script (chkconfig)? Mailscanner lauches its own sendmails, so you don't need the default one.
Stop mailscanner and do a netstat -tanp, see who's on :25 .
</assume linux>
Francois Caen
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From: brandonf at BFCONSULT.CO.ZA 
Sent: Tuesday, June 18, 2002 8:34 AM
Subject: [MAILSCANNER] Strange Message

        I tried to search in the archive but I could find anything.... 

        I have noticed this message in the maillog : 
Jun 18 17:26:53 blackbox1 sendmail[10418]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root): 
opendaemonsocket: daemon Daemon0: cannot bind: Address already in use 
Jun 18 17:26:53 blackbox1 sendmail[10418]: daemon Daemon0: problem 
creating SMTP socket 

        Any ideas? 


Brandon Friedman 
Cell:083 408 7840 
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