error with netscape6

Asim Khan akhan at SGHMS.AC.UK
Tue Jun 18 11:08:33 IST 2002

  ...I agree I should try the exim/netscape list instead..
    the /usr/lib/sendmail -v  works but the sending of email
    thru netscape doesn't with my local machine set as outgoing
    smtp server instead of the main mail server...?
   ..thanks for your bit of advice..:-)

Patterson S.R. wrote:

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>>From: Asim Khan [mailto:akhan at SGHMS.AC.UK]
>>Sent: 17 June 2002 11:47
>>Subject: Re: error with netscape6
>>...Thanks for the advice but I still get the errors on
>>netscape 4.72..?
>>    ..Could it be that I require a local unix account for akhan as
> my
>>     address is akhan at whereas the IMAP mail server is
>> but outgoing SMTP is mancity (but I
>>don't think
>>      you need a local unix account if you're using netscape
>>with               IMAP..?)
>>      ...any advice much apprecaited..
> Hi,
> In brief:
> - - If you're using IMAP to read your email then you must have a UNIX
> account on the IMAP server.  This is so that the IMAP server knows how
> to check your username and password.  This account need not be a shell
> account, i.e. it could be an account with /bin/true as the shell, for
> example.  That way people can't just telnet/ssh in to the IMAP server
> - - This isn't a mailscanner question, I think it should be taken off
> the mailscanner mailing list now and directed to a more appropriate
> forum.
> Thanks, Steve
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