How to upgrade from 3.14-1 to 3.20-4?

Peter Peters P.G.M.Peters at
Tue Jun 18 10:53:38 IST 2002

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002 10:15:02 +0100, you wrote:

>>I'm getting a few false positives, and was wondering how I upgrade from 3.14-1
>>to 3.20-4? I was just going to edit the shell scripts as I would have in doing
>>a fresh install of 3.14 (and then copying it over into
>>but then it looks like there are files (for instance, bin/ that I
>>have to edit but haven't seen before.
>Save a copy of all  your config files somewhere safe. Then install the new
>package's contents. Then diff your old config files against the new ones to
>work out what changes you have made, so you can apply the same changes to
>the new config files.

I usually take a little different approach. I make the diff between the
old distributed version and the version I changed. Those diffs I patch
into the new distributed version. Patch complains about wrong
linenumbers but I get it worked out easy. And I don't need to look at
the changes in the distributed versions.

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