ANNOUNCE: Version 3.20-4 released

Maurizio Matteo Munafo' munafo at PREZZEMOLO.POLITO.IT
Mon Jun 17 19:05:14 IST 2002

On Monday 17 June 2002 10:19, Julian Field wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have just released 3.20-4. This should fix the problem with SpamAssassin
> generating false positives, where a bug in SpamAssassin was causing
> messages to be marked as spam even though hits<required_hits. I've worked
> around it.

I just installed 3.20-4 (and the latest versions of SpamAssassin and Razor)
and I noticed that if Log Spam is enabled, the log message contains the IP
address of the last relay (and the internet name of the actual source)

For example:

Jun 17 19:33:19 prezzemolo mailscanner[8541]: Message g5HHWwt09427 from ( is spam according to SpamAssassin
    (score=16.4, required 5, KOREAN_UCE_SUBJECT, COPYRIGHT_CLAIMED,

where ( ) is actually our main mail server (the
MX for the domain) and its address appears in all the SpamAssassin logs.

Shouldn't the two addresses be the same?

Maurizio Munafo'

Maurizio M. Munafo' / munafo at
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