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David Sullivan David.Sullivan at BARNET.AC.UK
Mon Jun 17 17:17:26 IST 2002

On 17 Jun 2002 at 16:00, Steve Freegard wrote:

> I'm trying to pursuade the IT director to get rid of our existing SMTP
> gateway (WinNT+MIMEsweeper for SMTP+Sophos) and to replace it with RedHat
> Linux, Sophos, MailScanner and SpamAssassin and there were a couple of
> things that I was wondering about MailScanner:
> 1) Is it possible to sign messages only were 'from' certain domains - e.g.
> to add a legal disclaimer to all messages from my internal domains but not
> to mail coming in from external sources??

We do this using a combination of exim's ability to use a different transport
based on the domain and altermime to achieve the huge chunk of disclaimer you
will see at the bottom of this message. Achieving the same using sendmail (or
other MTA of choice) is an exercise for the reader ...

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