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Georges A. Tomazi gt at DIAPASON.COM
Mon Jun 17 15:50:27 IST 2002


A 15:24 17/06/2002 +0100, Julian Field a écrit :


>>IMHO it's easier to instruct the MUA to filter that boolean string rather
>>than using the Subject: field {SPAM?} or the X-MailScanner-SpamCheck:
>>header for "not spam".
>I'm afraid I disagree there. Ever tried it with MS Outlook or Eudora? I
>don't doubt for a second that it can be done, but testing the Subject:
>line is something both of those packages expect a user to want to do.

True, however using the Subject: field have some caveats :

- The worse is when the string filtered by the MUA is in a non-spam mail
subject field so it get dumped. Not likely but still possible.
- If sorting messages based on the subject field is required it can be an
- In a non IT environment, you can be sure that users will ask what is that
string ;-)

I believe - generally speaking - that everything that involve some system
stuff should be kept away from the user.

>And anyway, you've got the source so you can change it to do anything you
>like :) Just don't expect me to support it...

I wish I could... but ... perl (and PHP) are my black beasts ;-) I came
from the "old" school : shell and C !


Thanks again very much for your efficient and quick help,


Georges A. Tomazi - gt at

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