f-prot / aves detects this as a virus !! I think

Rishi Gangoly rishi at THEARGONCOMPANY.COM
Mon Jun 17 09:28:41 IST 2002

Hey guys,

I just checked... f-prot does not detect it as a virus so it's their problem. They need to check it out.... Mailscanner is fine .. I guess..

[root /tmp]# f-prot /tmp/decrypt-password.exe

Virus scanning report  -  17. June 2002   13:48

F-PROT 3.12a
SIGN.DEF created 14. June 2002
SIGN2.DEF created 14. June 2002
MACRO.DEF created 11. June 2002

Search: /tmp/decrypt-password.exe
Action: Report only
Files: Attempt to identify files
Switches: <none>

Results of virus scanning:

Files: 1
MBRs: 0
Boot sectors: 0
Objects scanned: 1

Time: 0:01

No viruses or suspicious files/boot sectors were found.

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  Subject: f-prot / aves detects this as a virus !! I think

  Hi Guys,

  I think f-prot with aves (whatever that is) detects this as a virus but f-prot with mailscanner does not. do you know why?


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