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Steven Patterson S.R.Patterson at SOTON.AC.UK
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> Here's yet another suggestion from the peanut
> gallery to make things even better:
>  I have several
>   mods to /opt/mailscanner/etc/mailscanner.conf.solaris.  Installing
>   a new version of mailscanner is painful because I have to
> go thru the
>   config files and re-tweek my changes before starting things
> up again.

Yes, but since the options that are available to you in each version of
the software increase you should go through the entire config file every
time you upgrade anyway.  If it helps then keep a separate copy of your
local config file and simply add new lines to it by comparison with the
new config file

>   This takes time, and mail stacks up in the queue meanwhile.

If I turned off mailscanner for the fifteen to twenty minutes it takes
to work through the (huge!) config file and set all of the values I'd be
shot.  Consider instead extracting the config file before you install
the new version of mailscanner, re-writing it to suit your needs and
then copying this file into place immediately after you upgrade

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