Mailscanner 3.20-2 RPM probs

Julian Field jkf at
Sat Jun 15 12:05:15 IST 2002

I hate building rpm specs, they're a right royal pain to get right.

I've fixed these 2 faults, and will release 3.20-3 in a few minutes once I
have finished checking all my mail

At 15:28 14/06/2002, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I've just tried installing 3.20-2 from the RPM and hit the following error.
>I suspect it is unrelated to mailscanner and is a problem with MIME::Tools -
>*** ERROR: unterminated C<...> at line 143 in file Mail/

This one is caused by a very minor, and irrelecant fault in the embedded
documentation in that file. Ignore this one.

>==== Patching MIME::Tools module (see Bugtraq)
>/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.21813: mime-tools-patch.txt: No such file or directory

I forgot to add mime-tools-patch.txt to the RPM file :-(

>/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.21813: cd: MIME-tools-5.411a: No such file or directory

And MIME-tools-5.411a helpfully unpacks into a MIME-tools-5.411 directory,
not 5.411a directory. Thanks Eryq
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