Spam Assassin going commercial

Julian Field jkf at
Thu Jun 13 09:32:39 IST 2002

At 23:39 12/06/2002, you wrote:
>Check out this press release:

Fortunately for us, the press release also states
"Deersoft is committed to supporting the open source community, and is
pleased to announce the release today of SpamAssassin(TM) 2.3.0."

It doesn't exactly explain quite how committed he is, or what the
implications are for the free version of SpamAssassin. Hopefully all they
are trying to do is make money out of an Outlook filter based on
SpamAssassin (this is SpamAssassin Pro), but the press release also
mentions an "Enterprise" version, but the Deersoft web site doesn't seem to
mention that yet.

No signs of 2.3 on their web site yet, but I will try it out once it appears...
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