sophos autoupdate

Julian Field jkf at
Mon Jun 10 10:19:16 IST 2002

At 21:32 09/06/2002, you wrote:
>Well, I use the Debian Woody package of mailscanner and mailscanner.conf
>thus lives in /etc/mailscanner ;) I don't know where the Sophos.install
>script is but it is not in /usr/local. To install Sophos I use their
> script which puts things in /usr/local. I adapted the
>autoupdate script and that now runs fine with the defaults of the Sophos
>install script.

As this turned out to be a Debian packaging problem (and therefore beyond
my control), please can you forward you suggested changes to the Debian
folks so that their package can be improved. The last thing anyone wants is
for them to be accidentally shipping a broken package.
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