Exim help. Scan outgoing

Hancock, Scott HancockS at MORGANCO.COM
Thu Jun 6 14:14:59 IST 2002

Thank you Nick,

I added the definition because I knew it clashed with the documentation.
I'm just so new to Exim, Linux, and mail systems (even exchange), that I
have trouble communicating using the proper, precise, language (hence the
diagram).  I'm a learning newbie but I'm not as confused as I sound.

> smarthosts:
>   driver = domainlist
>   transport = remote_smtp
>   route_list = *.internal.domain name.of.exchange.server byname; \
>                ! *.internal.domain name.of.smarthost byname

This is exactly the pointer I was looking for.  I will read up on the
smarthosts and domainlist driver entries.

I AM horribly confused about adding innoculate support.  I saw the comments
in sweep.pl but my eyes immediately crossed <grin>.  I can't even figure out
which of our licensed innoculate 6.0 install files to use.  F-prot was
pretty straight forward however and tested successfully against the sample
files at eicar.com.

All of my configurations are tested first.  I'm hoping to find a mail
generating script to test the installation.

Thanks for the help and patience.

Thanks to the mailscanner crew.


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