Nod32 and compressed attachments scanning

Jozef Novikmec jozef.novikmec at LYNX.SK
Mon Jun 3 17:17:19 IST 2002

I tried to use Nod32 as virus scanner engine for running with
Mailscanner. I had to change some source code lines (if somebody works
on nod32 support I can send to him), and it seems to work but there is
problem with compressed attachments scanning. Normal (non compressed
attachments are processed OK)

When I send mail message, on terminal from which I run mailscanner I got
this message,

matrix:/usr/local/mailscanner# /bin/cat:
/var/spool/mailscanner/var/incoming/.header: No such file or directory
/bin/cat: /var/spool/ No such file or directory

and mail is delivered with virus, even when virus scanner suports
scanning of compresed files (archives) and I add apporpiate option to

Can somebody help me?


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