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Sat Jun 1 20:22:34 IST 2002

At 20:49 31/05/2002, you wrote:
>    I'll weigh in on this thread too.  Last Monday, I moved our mail service
>to a Sun E220R, 2 cpus, running Solaris 8.  I'm running mailscanner with
>spamassassin turned on.  I have all of the "Spam List" options in
>mailscanner.conf commented out.  I have Spamcop assigned a non-zero score
>in spamassassin, so I hope/think SA is using spamcop (I'm not sure yet).
>We use RBL+ in sendmail, and we subscribe to it transfer mode, so RBL+
>mail gets rejected before getting to mailscanner.  I have the delivery
>mode in mailscanner set to "queue".  We use Sophos.  We process roughly
>20K messages a day.  Result:  the system works great, no slowdowns, no
>clogged queues, nothing but bliss.  Julian should be knighted, IMHO.

Aw, shucks.
                         Arise, Sir Me! :-)

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