Kaspersky & MailScanner 3.22-10 ?

Rob Lundberg rob at CSCONSULTANTS.NET
Wed Jul 31 22:32:40 IST 2002

> Check if kavscanner works correctly. Try kavscanner <virusfile>.
> That's what didn't work for me first. It said something about "nothing to
> scan".
> And I've disabled the use of the profile in the kasperskywrapper so that
> kavscanner uses the same settings on the console as the kav in
> mailscanner.
kavscanner works fine detecting the eicar test file "kavscanner

I think the problem lies between the MailScanner default kasperskywrapper
and kaspersky.prf
I am no expert on the kavscanner for linux but two lines in the
kaspersky.prf seem to cause a problem:

With this object being blank I get an error "Profile contain wrong value for
property InfectedAction" when I run kasperskywrapper by hand

Obviously this tells kavscanner where to scan, and it is commented out so
MailScanner can specifically tell it what to scan.  If I run
kasperskywrapper by hand it yields
"Nothing to Scan.
You should select at least one directory to scan."

In the kasperskywrapper:

#ScanOptions="$ScanOptions -Y"          # no confirmations (will need once the rest
is right)

Perhaps a confirmation box is tying up the process since this is commented

Anyone have a customized and working kasperskywrapper and kaspersky.prf they
care to share?

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