OT - Sendmail and Unqualified addresses

Michael Dahlberg dahlberg at bucknell.edu
Mon Jul 29 16:24:44 IST 2002

My apologies for an off-topic question, but I thought someone on
this list might have solved this problem.

We are running Mailscanner on server1 with a mostly default
configuration.  The MX record for our domain points to server1.
Once messages have been scanned for viruses on server1, the
messages are sent to the primary mail server, server2, which
either delivers the local mail or sends mail to the appropriate
mail server.  Server1 is used exclusively for virus scanning; it
does not try to send mail to any other system other than server2.
This is done using the MAIL_HUB and SMART_HOST defines (which
point to server2) in the sendmail.mc.

Occasionally, users will send mail out with unqualified
addresses for local delivery.  Sendmail running on the
Mailscanner system will add the fully qualified host address to
the header/envelope, which confuses our users.  We'd like the
header/envelope to be either left alone or rewritten from "user"
to "user at localdomain.edu" (rather than
"user at server1.localdomain.edu").  Unfortunately, the nocanonify
feature does not correct this problem.  Masquerading does solve
it but we have to use the allmasquerade feature,  which rewrites
everything, preventing ultimate delivery to any other system on

Has anyone looked at this problem, and if so, how did you solve


Michael Dahlberg
Systems Integrator
Bucknell University
dahlberg at bucknell.edu

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