MAPS RBL+ worth it?

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Mon Jul 15 19:17:30 IST 2002

  Thanks a lot.  Confused me for a minute when I saw that I got mail
  from T. Combs....

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>> Hello,
>>   I'm considering purchasing the RBL+ service from
>>   and I was wondering if people thought it was worth having.  We
>>   get the educational discount so it is only ~$150/yr.  I was
>>   thinking about getting it in transfer mode, thinking that would
>>   save time/resources over the query mode.  Does anyone have experience
>>   of comments about the maps service?   Thanks,
>>       --Tom Combs
>We have been using the product for a little while and it seems to help with
>the SPAM problem.  My take is if it blocks any email sites doing this it is
>worth the price.  We use it in the transfer mode so the local nameservers
>are queried for the authentication instaed of going across internet.
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