SpamAssassin Hangup

Thierry Carrez tcarrez at SCORT.COM
Mon Jul 15 14:32:52 IST 2002

Mike Kercher wrote:

> Jul 15 07:54:43 www mailscanner[8204]: RBL Checks timed out and were killed
> Jul 15 08:01:34 www mailscanner[8204]: SpamAssassin timed out and was killed
> I get these all the time on a RAQ4.  All of my other RH 7.x machines work
> fine.  ANyone know what could be causing this?  It's not DNS timeouts
> because if I do a query to, the result is returned
> immediately.

It can be DNS timeouts because response times can vary a lot.
The only way to be sure is to try Mailscanner+SA without ANY network
tests (no Razor, no MX check, no RBL) and see if you still have SA

Most of the people here are just having DNS response time problems, but
a few still experience SA timeouts without any network tests enabled...
so I think there is still something wrong in the SA child (currently
investigating this one).

Thierry Carrez

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