SpamAssassin Hangup

Thierry Carrez tcarrez at SCORT.COM
Mon Jul 15 13:36:39 IST 2002

Mojahedul Hoque Abul Hasanat wrote:

> I switched to MailScanner from a milter based scanner and it really
> rocks!  LoadAvg has gone down substantially and we are from nasty milter
> problems.
> Unfortunately, I am having a hard time with SpamAssasin.  For most of
> the mails it's working fine, but it gets hung up for some of the mails.
> I have stopped all DNS based lookups except the MX check from SA.  DNS
> blacklists are off in MailScanner too.  MailScanner has to kill SA after
> the timeout.
> The list archive suggests this may be due to DNS lookups, but I think in
> our case this is not true.  Besides, mailscanner takes 100% cpu when SA
> gets stuck with those mails.  I have changed spamassassin timeout to 0
> to see how long it takes.  It consumes 100% cpu until I kill it.  I am
> on Slackware, mail traffic around 30K per day.
> Any ideas on what could be wrong?  Is there any easy way to debug this?

Looks like the same problem I have... (see "Yet another strange SA
timeout" mail).

I'm currently trying to reproduce with more traces to check where it's
lost. Stay tuned...

Just to know : what kind of a setup do you have ? (sendmail, mcafee... +
versions used). Characteristics of the machine you use (CPU,RAM...)

Thanks !

Thierry Carrez

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