Need Perl 5.8.0 for RBL?

Tom Combs combs at MAGNET.FSU.EDU
Wed Jul 10 15:21:37 IST 2002


  My next phase with mailscanner involves enabling spamassasin.  I've
  got it running on my test machine and added the recommended Digest::Net
  module to enable the RBL checks.  However, my test machine is running
  perl 5.8.0 and I can't seem to get the Net module installed on the
  production machine (perl 5.6.1) due to
  dependencies on the Digest::MD5 that seems to only be available in
  perl 5.8.0.  Does the SpamAssasin RBL checks work with 5.6.1?  I
  used the perl Makefile.PL route for installing spamassasin instead
  of perl -MCPAN -e shell method and maybe this is where I went wrong.

  TIA for any advice,   Tom Combs

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