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Tal Kelrich tal at MUSICGENOME.COM
Mon Jul 8 12:56:05 IST 2002

On Mon, 2002-07-08 at 14:25, Anders Andersson, IT wrote:
> Lucky I was on lunch then  =)
> but what does it do and where?
> It looked like its changes but I wanna be sure for backup
> I also need a short info on what to do with it, since Im a newbie at this
> /Anders
what it's supposed to do (and I think I may have made a mistake there,
you should double check it) is:
A. change the order so the file checks are done first, and
B. add a No Scan On File config param, which when set to 1 should skip
the virus check.

again, it's untested, making a backup would be a very good idea (as I
probably messed it up)

(note that it doesn't log the AV scan skip, though)

Tal Kelrich

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