Mailscanner and fetchmail

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Fri Jul 5 09:01:52 IST 2002

At 03:35 05/07/2002, you wrote:
>Mailscanner obviously looks at files in, scan them and puts
>them into mqueue. This means mailscanner does not listen to port 25.
>sendmail listen to port 25 and stores the mails in Thus, can
>I call that part of mailscanner which unpacks attachments, scans them
>and returns the cleaned file - thro' procmail?

No you can't. Sorry.

>Alternatively, can a config be provided in mailscanner whereby I mention
>local email ids and these mails are delivered to procmail after scanning
>instead of sendmail thro' the mqueue directory?

Can't easily do that either. The messages are not left in a form that could
be given to procmail, they are turned back into queue files. I'll look at
this for the next major version, but that won't be any time soon.

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> >I've not been able to get mails coming thro' fetchmail scanned by
> >mailscanner. In my scenario, I've a mail host hosting my domain
> > All mails destined for does get
> >scanned - no issues. For a few users, I'm using fetchmail to pick up
> >personal mail from their personal mailbags in different email provider
> >domains. Thus those domains are not local and fetchmail delivers to a
> >local user specified for each pick up. If I pass these mails to port
> >25, the mail will never reach the user on the machine as the domain is
> >not local. It will introduce a vicious loop too.
>You have to get it to pass in the mail on port 25. You should be able to
>avoid your loop problem by using the virtual user table to handle mail
>those addresses.
> >Can I call the mailscanner engine as a filter program in procmail?
>No, you can't. MailScanner scans all mail coming in through port 25.
>Post you question on the list, I'm pretty sure there are some fetchmail
>users there.
>There are quite a few fetchmail questions in the archive, I just
>searched using
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