mailscanner dies

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Jul 3 21:13:58 IST 2002

Try changing the "Multiple Headers" option. On a few systems "append" can
make it core dump due to bugs in Perl itself.
When you run it in debug mode, has it actually reduced the number of
messages in /var/spool/
Anything in the maillog?

There is a possibility that 1 message is killing it (this is very unlikely
but has been known). Set the number of messages per batch to, say, 10 and
re-run it. This should help you narrow down exactly what message is causing
the trouble, if this is the problem at all.

At 20:47 03/07/2002, you wrote:
>I've been running Mailscanner for some weeks now, and I got a report today
>that none of the email was being delivered.  I noted that the mailscanner
>program wasn't running, so I started it back up.  It uses up a bit of CPU
>time and spins around for a while (ending up with 200 items in the
>incomming/ directory) and then dies.  If I run it in debug mode it does
># ./mailscanner /var/spool/mailscanner/etc/mailscanner.conf
>In Debugging mode, not forking...
>No message, nothing.  Any ideas?

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