logging noise

Rishi Gangoly rishi at THEARGONCOMPANY.COM
Thu Feb 28 13:53:49 GMT 2002

better still why don't these get trapped in /var/log/messages ?

Sometimes we may have multiple consoles open or terminate a console without
noticing this information that could be very valuable.



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From: "Todd Martin" <todd at DECAGON.COM>
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 10:30 AM
Subject: logging noise

> I noticed mailscanner likes to send log messages...
> I don't really need to see all the "about to..." and "going to..."
> messages. Shouldn't these be at the debug level?
> I started poking around in the source to see if I just had my logging
> level set to low. Looks like they are logged at the same "info" level
> as all the spam and virus information.
> ~Todd
> P.S. Thanks for a great tool Julian.

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