Error: missing main virus data

Julian Field jkf at
Wed Feb 27 16:35:24 GMT 2002

At 16:05 27/02/2002, you wrote:
>we are trying out MailScanner. The maildelivery together with exim is
>funktional, but MailScanner doesn't reject our virus-test-mails. There is
>an Error-Message, which ocours ervery time a new mail is incoming:
>Error initialising detection engine - missing main virus data

Install Sophos using the /usr/local/MailScanner/bin/Sophos.install script,
and it will put everything where MailScanner's sophoswrapper script expects
it to be.

Download the file to a directory (/tmp would do), then
cd /tmp

This will unpack the Sophos distribution, install it all (everything under
/usr/local/Sophos) and go fetch the IDE updates from Sophos' web site.
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