Random Error messages

Declan Grady Declan.Grady at NUVOTEM.COM
Tue Feb 26 15:48:59 GMT 2002

I have installed mailscanner and sophos on my sendmail box a week ago and
find it very promising.

One problem I keep getting is an error message of the format:

The following e-mail messages were found to have viruses in them:

   Sender: <validusername at mydomain.com>
Recipient: <validusername at anotherdomain.com>
  Subject: hi
MessageID: g1QF9WX7026688
   Report: Could not parse message g1QF9WX7026688
Email Virus Scanner

The message can be plain text, and if I resend the message it goes out ok.

As far as I can see it creates a folder under  MailScanner/incoming withthe
message id, and strips the headers into a file in

Where do I go looking ?


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