MailScanner embarassment!

Julian Field jkf at
Mon Feb 25 11:48:49 GMT 2002

At 10:38 25/02/2002, you wrote:
>What is it about an e-mail that triggers this description

It's when the anti-virus check times out. Usually caused by "Zip of Death"
style attacks.

>Perhaps MailScanner could even check whether the filesystem
>where the mqueue dirs live is full or almost full and shut itself (probably
>and sendmail) down? I have recollections from a colleague that sendmail can
>go bananas if /var/spool fills up - it probably ought to deal with this
>itself anyway but...

The secret to this is to put /var/spool/ and mqueue in the same
partition, and set the MinFreeBlocks option in sendmail to a reasonable value.

At that point sendmail managed all the disk-free-space issues for you, and
will duly stop accepting connections when there is insufficient free space
in the queue partition.
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