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>At 14:27 21/02/2002, you wrote:
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>>Subject: Scanning By Domain
>> > I have modified the behaviour of the file slightly,
>> > response to a request from a user.
>> >
>> > Whereas before, adding "" to the file would cause all mail
>> >          address at
>> > to be scanned, it will now also cause all mail to/from
>> >          address at
>> > to be scanned as well.
>> >
>>How feasible would it be to have a slight amendment of this so that
>>would match
>>address at
>>  would still only match
>>address at
>It would be a pain :-(
>Why do you need it?

Second thoughts: it's easy.

I'll go with the code where
anyone at

and I'll update the docs.

Quentin --- Please note this is different behaviour from the code I just
sent you. Do ask if you want the newer version.
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