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Wed Feb 20 11:35:47 GMT 2002

At 05:07 20/02/2002, you wrote:
>I've been having a look through mailscanner.conf and have noticed that there
>are a few things that can be changed.  Is there any need to change this
>file?  A few of the things I've seen are "Expand TNF = yes" now on this one
>it says that for Sophos it should be set to no, given that Sophos appears to
>be the default scan engine, wouldn't it make more sense for this to default
>to no?

No, I intentionally left "Expand TNEF = yes" even though the default
scanner (Sophos) doesn't *need* it. Very simple reason: someone comes along
wanting to use a different virus scanner, they have to change 1 less option
to make it work, which is very useful if they aren't going to bother
reading the entire config file. If they use Sophos and don't notice the
"Expand TNEF" option, then setting it to "yes" won't do any harm, it will
just waste some CPU cycles.

If you left it set to "no" with a virus scanner other than Sophos, then
things would appear to be working when in fact they weren't properly
working at all. Very dangerous situation, that.

A lot of people only touch the little bits of the config file they need to,
to get it working. Most people don't appear to read the whole thing.

>   Also, there is a "Local Domains =" variable, does this need to be
>set, what does it do?

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