Justin Clacherty justinc at SERANI.COM.AU
Wed Feb 20 05:07:37 GMT 2002


I've just installed mailscanner on a Red Hat 7.2 machine running sendmail as
the MTA and Sophos as the scan engine.  I installed using the RPM and
everything seems to be working okay.

I've been having a look through mailscanner.conf and have noticed that there
are a few things that can be changed.  Is there any need to change this
file?  A few of the things I've seen are "Expand TNF = yes" now on this one
it says that for Sophos it should be set to no, given that Sophos appears to
be the default scan engine, wouldn't it make more sense for this to default
to no?  Also, there is a "Local Domains =" variable, does this need to be
set, what does it do?

Are there any other files I might want to take a look at?


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