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Ray Gardener r.a.gardener at SHU.AC.UK
Wed Feb 20 10:45:03 GMT 2002

Some more feedback on the subject of large queues building up. 

We have been running mailscanner with exim for 11 days. During most of this time delay for local domains were very low > 2 minutes on average (servicing around 20,000 messages daily).  Yesterday afternoon we configured two Exchange machines to use the mailscanner box as their smarthost. These machine typically send combined between 6000-8000 MIME mail items daily. After adding these machines the size of the incoming queue climbed dramatically > 3000 so that by 6pm items were taking 1.5 hours to be delivered The outgoing queue never had more than 200 messages waiting. The machine is a dual processor Sunblade 1000 and the load average never climbed above 0.5. The performance degradation didn't seem directly proportional to message throughout.  This morning these delays were still happening so reading through the mailing list I decided to change the delivery method from batch to queue and deliver in background to yes.

The queues very rapidly decreased and I am back to less that 2 minutes delay for mail to local domains; which I am happy with. system load averages are still less that 0.5 ;-)

Mailscanner settings are:

Version 3.04
running virus scanning but no spam checking at all. (I am very wary of all the DNS checks that are involved and RBL checks are done by exim anyway). 


Ray Gardener
Sheffield Hallam University
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