Rose, Bobby brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU
Mon Feb 18 18:19:47 GMT 2002

A couple weeks ago a saw a post about some Russian virus scanner.  Now a Croatian virus scanner.  Looks like all the guys who wrote viruses are writing scanners now.  Hah Hah.  Hopefully they gave up their old habits in the switch over.

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From: Rishi Gangoly [mailto:rishi at THEARGONCOMPANY.COM] 
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2002 1:12 PM
Subject: nod32

Hi Julian,

I've just downloaded an Eval copy of nod32

Can I request you to integrate into mailscanner in a future release?

Here is the output of it's detection capability.


./nod32 /tmp

þ Loading module...OK
þ Scanning log

þ NOD32 Version 1.101 (20010830)
þ Command line:  /tmp
date: 18.2.2002  time: 23:46:01

þ scanning path /tmp

/tmp/openav/amavis-perl-11/doc/amavis.html - Eicar test file /tmp/possible virus/virgsqTgN - Win32/Sircam worm /tmp/possible virus/virdbEVnb - Win32/Sircam worm /tmp/possible virus/virfbwHLN - Win32/Sircam worm /tmp/possible virus/virSGHAbv - Win32/Sircam worm /tmp/possible virus/virhBpeQm - Win32/Sircam worm /tmp/possible virus/virX34Mux - Win32/Sircam worm /tmp/possible virus/virz152SW - Win32/Sircam worm /tmp/possible virus/vir5Iqumu - Win32/Sircam worm /tmp/possible virus/virsF1Xg3 - Win32/Sircam worm /tmp/possible virus/virKscXZu - Win32/Hybris worm /tmp/possible virus/virACJYsk - Win32/Badtrans.13312 worm /tmp/amavis/amavis-perl-11/doc/amavis.html - Eicar test file /tmp/guj.doc - probably unknown STEALTH.POLY.MACRO virus /tmp/song.pif - Win32/MTX.A virus /tmp/M-SWAMI.COM - Murphy.Swami.A virusibc/avmailgate/templates/ /tmp/ISPANC~1.DOC - probably unknown STEALTH.POLY.MACRO virus /tmp/MERCUR~1.DOC - probably unknown STEALTH.POLY.MACRO virus number of diagnosed files: 267 number of viruses found: 18 termination time: 23:46:18 total time: 17 sec (00:00:17)




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