GNU / Linux based Anti Virus Software!

Steve Evans sevans at FOUNDATION.SDSU.EDU
Sat Feb 16 15:54:23 GMT 2002

My feeling is of course they charge per user.  I don't know of many licensing schemes that don't charge per user.

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	> At 18:20 15/02/2002, you wrote:
	> >Is MailScanner planning to get OpenAntiVirus to work as one for the
	> >scanners?
	> At some point, yes. However, I don't think it is urgent as I don't really
	> believe that many large sites will trust their anti-virus support to an
	> open-source project with voluntarily-supplied updates. The crucial bit in
	> virus support these days is that you can get updates for your package
	> within a few hours of a virus being seen in the wild for the first time,
	> and I don't really believe that a voluntary project can achieve the sort
	> speed you can manage by paying people to sit there all day writing virus
	> updates.
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	> Julian Field                Teaching Systems Manager
	True, but what I'm most disappointed about all the Anti Virus companies is
	that they charge for their Linux command line scanner per mailbox, which is
	I can't afford to pay for 800 mailboxes (and growing) on my Cobalt Domain
	that I host with for all my customers. I am currently Virtual Hosting on the
	Cobalt RaQ3 server for about 16 - 20 domains.
	All Anti Virus companies have in their license agreements a clause saying
	it's fine to use it for a Server but not for Mail Server (i.e. SMTP not
	If I use it to scan mailboxes, they want to DING us big time.
	Is what I'm saying true?
	My Customers can't afford to pay per mailbox.
	What are your thoughts?

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