RPM install

John Clancy john.clancy at BUSINESSANDFINANCE.IE
Fri Feb 15 13:53:25 GMT 2002

I'm using the RPMs without this problem, system its running on started life
with RH 6.2 but has seen practically every package on it upgraded a number
of times since then. As a matter of interest what version of RPM are you

John Clancy

> On Fri, 15 Feb 2002, Ryan Weaver wrote:
> > by removing the  '(noreplace)' it will/should create .rpmold files I'll
> > it this morning when i get to work
> >
> > %config /usr/local/Mailscanner/etc/mailscanner.conf
> That's what it says. Is there anybody using the RPMs without this problem?
> MfG, Ulrich
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