strange error... any idea?

Kelly Hamlin fizz at BOMB.NET
Thu Feb 14 13:25:00 GMT 2002

well, it turns out one of the gateways that the mail was coming from was in
my access as a REJECT :)
thanks for all the info guys

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Subject: Re: strange error... any idea?

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> > Another thing you may want to look at is if your installation requires a
> > "reverse dns lookup" for accepting mails. I not sure though where in
> > sendmail this is configured :-(  Of course it could also be that a
> firewall
> > is in place and blocking that ip? Check your end and their end of it.
> > them to do a "telnet your_ip 25" and see what comes up. Try this also to
> > their ip and see what you get.
> That feature is called accept_unqualified_senders and is configured in the
> file used to generate the file. Also of interest
> the accept_unresolvable_domains feature, access_db feature,
> blacklist_recipients feature, and rbl feature. You can find more info on
> these features at
> I am by no means a sendmail guru, but you could probably modify the
> file and look for the error 550 - there should be several
> instances. You could modify the wording on them so that you could tell
> of the rulesets were causing the reject. I believe there is also a way to
> this by running sendmail in test mode (sendmail -bt) and using check_mail.
> from sendmail(8)
>        -bt    Run in address test mode.  This mode reads addresses and
> the
>               steps in parsing; it is used for debugging configuration
> tables.
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