Problems calling SpamAssassin

Youn Gonzales ispmgr at CLAS.NET
Mon Feb 11 15:16:33 GMT 2002

Whenever I enable SpamAssassin, MailScanner appears take several seconds per
message to call SpamAssassin and wait for the results. Testing from the
command line produces the same results - calling spamassassin -t takes 3-4
seconds per message while calling spamc only takes about a second. Due to
the volume of mail traffic at our site I had to disable SpamAssassin in
mailscanner.conf as our incoming mail queue reached about 56,000 messages
fairly quickly.

Is there a way to have MailScanner call spamd and/or would it be possible to
have MailScanner create up to x processess for SpamAssassin? If not, is
there a way I can run SpamAssassin separate from MailScanner? (remember, our
mail server is a relay, or secondary, server that processes mail for lots of
different domains and mail is routed from it to the real mail servers using
sendmail's mailtertable feature)

Thanks in advance!


Youn Gonzales
System Administrator
Comptia A+, Network+, INET+,
Cisco CCNA/CCDA Certified Technician
Microsoft Certified Professional

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