Mcafee AutoUpdate Script

Steve Evans sevans at FOUNDATION.SDSU.EDU
Fri Feb 8 19:13:50 GMT 2002

Those changes are there.  When I run autoupdate here is what is returned.

[root at yoda mcafee]# ./autoupdate

A target has not been specified for scanning!


The tar is copied and extracted to 20020208 but they're not being moved over to the DAT directory.


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On  $B6b (J, 2002-02-08 at 09:41, Steve Evans wrote:
> Yes.  I used the RPM.  That should have the updated script right?

One would expect, but who knows? Here is what you have to change to get this to work (from a message on this list on 15 Jan from Lawrence E. Bartash -- gotta give credit where credit is due):

OK I got this one fixed.
Taking braces out does absolutely nothing.
I changed the perl calls to system calls temporarily and noticed that $DATlink had a trailing / on it. Very bad, perl doesn't barf on this! :-( therefore the real fix is on line 39
<my($DATlink) = "$mcafeeroot/dat/";
>my($DATlink) = "$mcafeeroot/dat";

also line 123 needs to be changed
<print "DATDir\n";
>print "DATdir\n";

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