Sendmail 8.12.1 / Sophoswrapper returns 768

John Hawkes-Reed jkha at HPLB.HPL.HP.COM
Fri Feb 8 15:24:12 GMT 2002

I'm running a fairly ancient version of Mailscanner, which was happy as
fluffy bunnyrabbits with sendmail 8.9.x. Post upgrade to 8.12, I'm
seeing this message in syslog:

Feb  8 12:57:20 hplb Mailscanner: >>> Virus 'W32/Klez-E' found in file
Feb  8 12:57:20 hplb Mailscanner: Sweep returned 768

And notification mail isn't being sent to postmaster, obviously.

I suspect this is a permissions problem, given sendmail insists on
mqueue being 700, which was the only thing I changed. (famous last

[ But the scanning's done in /var/spool/mailscanner, yes? Confused. ]

Is this a Known Thing that's Fixed in 3.x?

John Hawkes-Reed
Must be brain-dead. Still, it's Friday.

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