SpamAssassin stand alone or invoked by mailscanner

Julian Field jkf at
Wed Feb 6 09:27:30 GMT 2002

At 08:27 06/02/2002, you wrote:
>On a cursory glance, it seems like I loose my per-user preferences
>(threshold, etc.) for SpamAssassin if mailscanner invokes
>SpamAssassin. Is this correct?

MailScanner runs as 1 particular user (normally root with sendmail) so that
user's preferences are used for SpamAssassin.

>What other trade-offs are there between SpamAssassin stand alone or
>invoked by mailscanner? Is one way faster (higher through put)?

SpamAssassin invoked by MailScanner is faster as it doesn't have to start
any binaries or crank up any other scripting engines. It calls it directly
through SpamAssassin's Perl API.
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