Per-Domain scanning for viruses and spam

Scott Farrell sfarrell at ICCONSULTING.COM.AU
Mon Feb 4 07:02:38 GMT 2002


I would love to help out with that.

We have plenty of domains. Real ones and test ones etc etc.

let me know what you want tested, and how to go about it.

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At 14:49 31/01/2002, you wrote:
>I have implemented per-domain scanning for viruses and spam. It involves a
>few new keywords in the config file to switch the various bits on and off:
>What I need now is some beta-testers to try out the new features.
>Volunteers to me in person at mailscanner at (not the list)

I still need some beta-testers for this, else it will just get released in
its current state. Various of you said you wanted it, please help test it
for me! I've only had 1 offer so far...
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