SpamAssassin 2 again

Michael Chaney mdchaney at MICHAELCHANEY.COM
Fri Feb 1 19:24:33 GMT 2002

On Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 10:24:04AM +0000, Julian Field wrote:
> At 10:10 01/02/2002, you wrote:
> >Just ran a spam through, gets a score of 5.46 on the command line
> >spamassassin version, doesn't get marked as spam when going through
> >mailscanner.  Argh.
> Have you applied the patch that was posted to this list yesterday (or the
> day before) to help solve this problem?

Yep.  Spamassassin is coming up with 0 hits inside mailscanner, 5.76 on
command line.

SPAM: -------------------- Start SpamAssassin results ----------------------
SPAM: This mail is probably spam.  The original message has been altered
SPAM: so you can recognise or block similar unwanted mail in future.
SPAM: See for more details.
SPAM: Content analysis details:   (5.46 hits, 5 required)
SPAM: Hit! (0.7 points)  Subject is all capitals
SPAM: Hit! (1.76 points) Sent with 'X-Priority' set to high
SPAM: Hit! (3 points)    Listed in Razor, see
SPAM: -------------------- End of SpamAssassin results ---------------------

\n's aren't helping this one.  The above output is same when I use "su -
mail" before running spamassassin.  I'll bounce the message to you if
you like.

Michael Darrin Chaney
mdchaney at

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