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Thu Dec 19 16:39:40 GMT 2002

At 15:44 19/12/2002, you wrote:
>Actually I hooked up with Anders Andersson who has completed most of the
>work. Its almost done, just a few details to cover.
>I think we should have it for you sometime tomorrow. So if you want you
>could wait a day perhaps?

That sounds great.
I have just put together the matching 3.27-1 release, which includes notes
about the security fix.

>/ Carl
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>At 09:32 18/12/2002, you wrote:
> >Just wondering if anyone has made a Swedish translation of the reports yet?
> >If not Im thinking about doing it.
>I would really appreciate it. Please use the English (en) files as the
>files to start from.
>Any idea how long it might take you (should I wait a day for it or leave it
>until the following release?)
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>Julian Field
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Julian Field
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