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>>And still while the building is demolished you can see one little red
>>light shining on the generator indicating the battery is operational.
>Did you hear about when the IRA bombed the very centre of London? There
>were servers  in the bottom of pretty-much destroyed buildings that were
>not only still running with their disks still spinning, but they were still
>network accessible too! More than 1 data recovery job was done reading live
>data off the disks through the rubble before the UPS's gave out or the
>disks finally died.

Our external connection dropped at about 8:20 because the router
reported a temperature of over 65C and he wanted to restart. That didn't
work. Our newsserver kept running untill at least 8:31. That was the
time of the last posting that got out of the building onto a newsserver
in another building.

I have seen pictures of 19" racks still standing but all equipment had
disappeared from it. As if evaporated.

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